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Create Your Own YouTube To MP3 Downloader For Free

Do you want to add a YouTube MP3 Downloader to your website?
With this simple script you will learn how you can add a link to your website that will allow your users to instantly download the video of their choice, in MP3 format.

How do I add the code?
Simply copy and paste the following code on the page that you want to offer the service on.
<a href=" YouTube Link Here">Download MP3 <a>
Note: Change Enter YouTube Link Here to the link you want to serve and MP3 download for and optionally change Download MP3 to the text of your liking.

What will happen once a user presses the button?
Their browsers will notify them of an MP3 file being downloaded.
They will then have the option to save or play the file on their device, just like any other file being downloaded.

Simple Example Codes

Direct Download

You will be sent directly to the download link where your download will start.
Download MP3
Download MP3

Advanced API

Plain text

With the advanced API you can parse the title, video length and download link.

JSON Example

You can also receive the data in JSON by setting the "format" parameter to "JSON".